Fall into Venice

[taken in Venice on January 16, 2015]

We arrived in Venice early in the morning. It was January. The second we walked out of Venice station, I turned my collar to the cold and damp and complained to my friend who was wrapping herself up tightly with a heavy woolen coat. Neither of us knew at the moment that we would be so taken away by the beauty of this city just a few minutes later.

Different from Rome, it was a quiet place with less sunshine. Or maybe, it was just only quiet when no Carnival was going on. I saw Gondolas lean against white bridge stairs lazily, slightly drifting away yet stopped by a worn rope tied to a slanting bollard.

We dragged our suitcases along the way to the hotel. Bridge after bridge, plaza after plaza, left and right, up and down. It seemed to me that houses and streets were like little dots on the water and were linked together by those old stone bridges. Like pearls and beads embedded in blue velvet.

Though it was chilling, I, in fact, liked the overcast sky. Buildings, gardens, streets, and even people seemed to be covered with an airy organdy veil, which made them look mysterious yet alluring. I could make out the color of them: deep red bricks, washed white walls and dark green moss. Then when I looked far into the distance, I couldn’t tell the boundary of the water and the sky. Some pigeons flew by, or were they actually swimming across the clouds?

[taken in Venice on January 17, 2015]

I fell into Venice, like falling into an enchanting dream.

I would recommend you guys go there when the weather is warmer! Venice is really a beautiful place.


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