Wanna Have Some Cats?


I LOOOVE cats. Of course, I love dogs, too. In fact, I love almost all the fluffy furry downy animals on this planet. Sorry to those categorized as Arthropod Insecta but I am physically allergic to you. Sad story.

It is said that those who love to raise cats may have a sense of masochism. Seriously, you say? Well, it is true that, different from dogs who will lie on their back and show their bellies to their beloved masters, cats tend to turn their backs on you and swipe your face with their tails—meaning:“You idiot ! What are you waiting for? Prepare food for me  now and stop grinning. ”

How do I know cats’ language? Well, if you have been swiped by a tail ten times a day, you start to think about your life and why the cat acts in a way as if it is the real master of the house. Besides, although it hurts a bit, every time the cat bites or scratches or steps on you, you can start to get this strange feeling that the cat is slowly taking you in as a part of ITS house. What could be more difficult than making a cat acknowledge and show approval to your existence? Once one of my best girls burst into tears when her cat, after a month of hesitation and observation, finally decided to walk to her and sit on her feet.

Trust me, you will get inner peace the moment you discover the truth that you are but your cat’s humble servant.

By the way, let me show you what heaven looks like to cat lovers:

The image comes from an app game I’m playing. Want to have a try?


3 thoughts on “Wanna Have Some Cats?

  1. Hi! I’ve never been too fond of cats as I find them a bit scary. I do find kittens very adorable though. I get what you’re trying to say here, but I wanted to point out that I feel the title is a bit misleading.


    1. Thank you for reading! Kittens are little angles! Yeah I know the title sounds like I’m a big cat seller or something. Actually I was going to talk about a cat raising game on iPhone but then I just started talking about random stuff…

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